Projection Unit

Hypervsn™ is a cutting-edge visual solution for creating, managing and displaying your unique 3D video content with holographic effect.

Up to 5 hours of video content
HD quality
Only 65W power consumption
Light weight - 2.8 kg
Designed to work 24/7
Warranty and maintenance
Wi-Fi content upload
Graphics size - 56 cm
Management Platform

It uniquely combines a smart Hypervsn™ Management Platform and a Hypervsn™ Projection Unit, a hi-tech hardware device generating stunning 3D visuals perceived by viewers as hi-resolution holograms floating in the mid-air.

Extensive content media library
Multi-unit synchronization
Content creation tools
Wireless content transfer
Playlists and content scheduling
Gather data and view analytics
Manage all devices from one location
Multiple user roles
Become a Partner

If you want to become a partner of Hologtech, you are ready to develop Hypervsn ™ technology and earn with us, write to us.

Simple. Intuitive. Smart. Throughout years of research and development, failures and successes behind Hypervsn™ evolution, here at Kino-mo we created a unique visual solution that turns true science into truly amazing emotions.
Set up

Easy process of Hypervsn™ installation and activation along with a complete guidance from Kino-mo.


Use the entire power of Hypervsn™ Content Management platform! Upload your 3D visuals, schedule campaigns, create playlists and much more.


Now your content is hypervisioned and you are ready to launch your impressive campaigns. The "WOW" effect is guaranteed!

One Solution.
Diverse Applications.
From Gaming and Healthcare to Automotive and Finance, Hypervsn™ brings an unmatched and breaking-through business value, proving the successful application of our solution in any industry. Powered by a proprietary, cloud-based Management Platform, Hypervsn™ by Kino-mo is far beyond being "just a cool thing". It is a comprehensive solution that can be seamlessly integrated into your business delivering you a complete media planning system and helping you outshine industry competition.
Real Estate
Dragon’s Den
Endorsement from top British investors at Dragon’s Den, the iconic UK business TV show, just a few months after the company was founded. Publicity worldwide
Top 3 British Innovations
of the Year award
Top 3 British Innovations of the Year award
Tech Start-up of the Year
UK Tech Start-up of the Year, publicly endorsed by Sir Richard Branson

Investment from Mark Cuban
Early versions
of Hypervsn
Early versions of Hypervsn™ successfully used by Red Bull, BMW, McDonalds, Virgin Media, Dell, Moet Hennesy
Hypervsn™ officially launched
Hypervsn™ officially launched in Las Vegas at CES-2017

First distributor agreements in over 20 countries
Hypervsn is Where Your
Customers Are
Hypervsn™ solution was developed with your business needs in mind. Lightweight projection unit supported by a proprietary, cloud-based management platform allows you to use it in almost any customer-facing location, at entertainment venues or at events of any size. You can also reinforce the impact of your business by creating a Hypervsn™ network of as many units and across as many locations as you need. Remotely, effectively and smoothly.
  • Retail shops
  • RShopping malls
  • RCasinos
  • RHotels
  • RTrade shows
  • REvents
  • Cinemas
  • RShow rooms
  • RPharmacies
  • RBanks
  • RRestaurants
  • RFood courts
  • Fitness clubs
  • RAirports
  • RBars and Night clubs
  • RTravel agencies
  • RMusic concerts
  • RReal estate agencies
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